Item #: SS-STR104B2P
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Price: $18.99

    Introducing the proto shield  kit from Seeed Studio! Compensates for the small footprint disadvantage of either Arduino or Seeeduino, adding more 'solder-bility' to larger footprint components, and convenient power lanes. Check it out!

    • 100mil Grid
    • Full pinout of Arduino
    • USB B type soldering hole
    • Free drill hole matrix of 32/50/80mil
    • Breadboard style strip
    • Uart pinout sets
    • I2C pinout sets
    • 5V/GND/3V3 power rail
    • Free button
    • Reset button pinout
    • Pin13 LED pinout
    • Jack hole for potienmeter, power jack and etc
    • Bread board compatible

    Pack list:

    • Break Away Headers - male 40 pin X2
    • Break Away Headers - Female 40 pins X1
    • Rubber ring string X1
    • Break Away Headers - female 8 pin X3
    • Break Away Headers - female 6 pin X1
    • Break Away Headers - DUAL male 40 pin for Arduino/Seeeduino X1
    • 2X3 female pin header X1
    • 2X3 male pin header X1
    • Mini Push Button Switch X4
    • USB Female Type B Connector X1
    • Vertical PCB Mount Potentiometer, 10K Ohms X1
    • DPDT Switch Black for Breadboard X2
    • Dual color p3 LED X1
    • 5mm LED red X2
    • 5mm LED green X2
    • Resistor 1kΩ X4
    • Resistor 10kΩ X2