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    The Viper kit comes with everything you need to get started in combat robotics. The custom-formed aluminum chassis has plenty of strength and space for additional components and upgrades. A 6-Channel radio transmitter and receiver pair leaves four channels free to add any active weapons or devices you desire. 50:1 ratio gearmotors with 2" Lite Flite wheels provide both speed and pushing power. Two FingerTech 'tinyESC' speed controllers translate the radio receiver commands into motor movement and provide 5V power to the radio. A sporty vacuum-formed lid keeps all the guts inside during a match. The Viper kit is fully intended to be sawed, drilled, modified, and upgraded. Its base weight is only 325grams (11.46oz) leaving 129grams (4.55oz) for additional parts if entering the Antweight (1lb) weight class, or 675g (23.81oz) free if entering the Kilobot (1kg) weight class. (Weighed with 2x 9V batteries.)

    Difficulty: Unassembled version requires soldering of a dozen wires (to motors and switch, no circuit boards), plugging in connectors, and screwing wheels and lid in place (hex keys included). Recommended for ages 10+ (6+ with a parent).

    "Unassembled" comes as parts. Everything is drilled and tapped for screws but needs to be soldered and connected (includes instructions).

    One or two 9V batteries (two doubles run-time). We recommend Duracell Procell (PC1604) for over two hours of run time and bursts of 12A (using 2 batteries). Procell's also tested well running a HXT 12kg-cm servo at 1.5A continuous (while driving) for well over 15 minutes.

    Width: 17.1cm (6.75")
    Length: 13.7cm (5.375")
    Height (measured at rear when on wheels): 5.7cm (2.25")
    Weight: 325grams (11.46oz) (weight is with 2x 9V batteries)
    Large area of 16.8x6.0cm (6.625x2.375") to mount extra components, with a 3.2cm (1.25") tall block in the center to fit servos or weapon motors.

    Kit Includes:

    Transmitter: HK-T6A 2.4GHz 6-Channel transmitter.
    Receiver: HK-TR6A 2.4GHz 6-Channel receiver.
    Chassis: 14gauge (0.064") thick, 5052 alloy Aluminum punched and formed baseplate (pic). Has mounting holes for motors and lid.
    Motors: 2x 50:1 Spark Gearmotors
    Motor Controllers: 1 tinyESC and 1 tinyESC w/ BEC to power the radio receiver.
    Wheels: 2x 2" Lite Flites are soft and grippy.
    Hubs: 2x Lite Hubs are the lightest way to attach your wheels to your motors.
    Power Switch: A clever switch (pic) that you unplug to power on, using a 3.5mm mono headphone jack. Plug can be used for charging rechargeable batteries if you plan to upgrade.
    Lid: Custom 0.030" thick vacuum-formed polycarbonate lid (pic) keeps all the wires and components inside the robot. (Not recommended to be the only armor against weaponed opponents.)
    Screws: Four 2-56x0.1875" screws for mounting the motors. Eight 4-40x0.25" screws for fastening lid. Four 4-40 setscrews for Lite Hubs.
    Two hex wrenches included for screws and setscrews.
    Instructions: Detailed instructions with many pictures and tips for getting more from your robot.