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Before you use or charge this battery you must read the Lithium Battery Saftety Instructions and Warnings document.
  1. Do not charge or use batteries if the battery ...
    1. is punctured or damaged
    2. is bloated, expanded, swelling or otherwise deformed
    3. has any cell with a voltage of 3.3v. This means less than 6.6v for a 2-cell/7.4v battery
  2. Do not charge batteries unattended. Monitor batteries during charging for popping, hissing, smoke, sparks or fire. Also monitor the battery for any swelling or other deformities. Disconnect the battery your charger immediately.
  3. Do not charge batteries near flammable material. Charge batteries in a fireproof container. Do not charge batteries while they are in your robot
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Price: $16.95

    Whether you've got a crawler, biped or rover, you're going to need a battery pack to get your robot moving on its own. Lithium Polymer batteries are a great choice for robot batteries because they have great capacity-to-weight ratios, giving you lots of power for very little weight. Our 2s 7.4V 2200mAh 25C LiPo Battery is a great medium sized battery that can discharge up to 55A continously!

    To make it easy to connect/disconnect the battery from your project, each of these batteries has a Female T-Connector (Deans Ultra Plug compatble). They also have a standard 4-pin JST connector (.1"/2.54mm) that breaks out each cell for balance charging or battery testing.

    You can charge these batteries with our Mini Balance Charger or the Imax B6 Multi-Function LiPo Balance Charger. These batteries will plug directly into the chargers - with no need for adaptor cables!

    Battery Specs
    Voltage 7.4V Nominal - 8.4V Max
    Capacity 2200mAh
    Cell Count 2
    Size 17 x 34 x 105mm
    Weight 124 Grams
    Max Continuous
    Max Continuous
    Discharge Current
    Recommended Charge 1C
    Recommended Charge Current 2.2A
    Power Connector Female T-Connector
    (Deans Ultra Plug compatible)
    Balance Connector Standard JST - 4 Pin(.1"/2.54mm)