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    Mounting sensors and cameras on robots can be a tricky task at times. Everyone wants their camera in a different location for their specific needs. Needs also change from project to project. What solution allows for easy and fast customizing of positioning and angle? Goosenecks stands!

    Our custom made gooseneck is reinforced with a thick center wire for added rigidity and holding strength. The end mounts also have a Bioloid compatible 16mm diameter hole pattern making the gooseneck compatible with all Bioloid brackets.

    While designed primarily for mounting cameras on robotic arms, the gooseneck also comes with a base plate and two circular end plates for wall mounting making it a great static mount solution as well for various applications.

    • 1 X Gooseneck
    • 1 X Baseplate
    • 2 X Round expansion plates
    • 10 X Zipties for cables
    • 8 X Rubber Feet
    • 25 x M2 x 8mm bolts
    • 25 X M2 X 6mm bolts
    • 50 X M2 nuts
    Product Drawing: Gooseneck.pdf