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    The Arduino product family is a great learning platform for electronics, programming and robotics, but most projects at some point require mobility. The 2A Motor Shield For Arduino allows for motor control with Arduino right away! Stack up this shield on your controller and drive motors with higher power requirements. Depending on the motor of choice, you can make it fast or handle a higher payload. This Arduino Compatible Motor Shield (2A) uses L298P chip which allow to drive two 7-12V DC motors with maximum 2A current. This shield can be directly mounted onto standard Arduino Duemilanove and Arduino Mega.

    Speed control is achieved through conventional PWM which can be obtained from Arduino’s PWM output Pin 5 and 6. The enable/disable function of the motor control is signalled by Arduino Digital Pin 4 and 7. The Motor shield can be powered directly from Arduino or from external power source. It is strongly encouraged to use external power supply to power the motor shield.

    This Shield is compatible with:
    • Logic Control Voltage:5V (From Arduino)
    • Motor Driven Voltage:6.5~12v (VIN Power Supply), 4.8~35V (External Power Source)
    • 2 way motor drive
    • Logic supply current Iss:≤36mA
    • Motor Driven current Io:≤2A
    • Maximum power consumption:25W (T=75℃)
    • Up to 2A current each way
    • Pin 4,5,6,7 are used to drive two DC motor
    • Support PWM speed control
    • Support PLL advance speed control
    • Size: 55x55mm (2.2x2.2 in)