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    A BEC (battery elimination circuit) is a great tool for getting a lower voltage from a higher voltage system. For example, say you needed 6v to drive a RobotGeek servo on your 11.1v PhantomX Hexapod , but you didn't want to add a secondary battery just for the 6v servo. Simply plug this BEC into your Hexapod's battery and you'll get a stable 6v 3A power supply.

    The 6v 3a UBEC 2-5S Lipoly (6-32v) is a small and lightweight UBEC, featuring a High efficiency switch mode design that provides better heat dissipation when compared to the linear voltage regulators. The shielded PCB design and output EMF coil helps provide a stable and low noise voltage output. This UBEC also features built-in reverse polarity protection.

    • Input: 6V-23V (2-5S Lipoly, 2-6S Li-Fe or 5-15S NiXX Battery Pack)
    • Output: 6V/3A (Less than 50mV peak to peak voltage @ 2A)
    • Dimension: 22.9mm x 20.3mm x 7.6mm (LxWxH)
    • Weight: 9.1g (wires included)