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    Software Features

    Hardware Features

    This Interbotix Lab Custom Frame is great for building robots from the -64 and -106 series DYNAMIXEL robot servos. This wide hinge frame has been designed for double-axis robot joints, mounted in a side to back configuration.
    For -106 servos, the frame will fit perfectly onto the servo. Each frame comes with two small spacer and longer bolts for a perfect fit on any -64 series servo - just fit one spacer in between the frame and the horn, and one spacer between the frame and the idler bearing.


    • 1 x Black 45 Degree Bracket
    • 2 x plastic spacer for -64 series servos
    • 10 x M2.5*6 bolts (NOTE: These bolts are only for the -64 series servos. Do NOT use them with the -106 series servos - instead, use the M2.5*4 that come with the servo's horn.)

    Compatibility List

    NOTE: The acrylic plastic spacers in this kit are NOT compatible with Turbo-Lock. Plastic-safe adhesives like Turbo-Fuse should be used.

    To build Ankle/Hip assemblies like the ones used in the HR-OS5 Humanoid Research Platform, you will need additional parts.