ROBEL (RObotics BEnchmarks for Learning): a collection of affordable, reliable hardware designs for studying dexterous manipulation and locomotion on real-world hardware. With simple assembly instructions, detailed simulations, and all open-sourced software, we hope to open up the field of Reinforcement Learning to everyone and accelerate progress around the world.


    1. Gym Compliant -- ROBEL environments are fully Gym-compliant and can be used with any reinforcement learning library that interfaces with Gym environments.
    2. Simulated backends -- ROBEL also includes simulated equivalents of the introduced benchmarks to facilitate prototyping and debugging needs. Simulation backend is provided by MuJoCo. Support for Bullet is planned.
    3. Hardware interface -- Communication with hardware is done through the DynamixelSDK.
    4. External tracking support -- For D'Kitty environments, external tracking is supported through OpenVR tracking.
    5. Open-source design -- The hardware design and build instructions are fully open-sourced and are available for anyone to build their own robots.

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Item #: D'Claw -

    D'Claw is platform introduced by project-ROBEL (RObotics BEnchmarks for Learning) for studying and benchmarking dexterous manipulation. It's a nine degree of freedom platform that consists of three identical fingers mounted symmetrically on a circular laser cut base. The finger tips are 3D printed parts. The base can be fixed to a stationary position, or mounted to a portable frame (called D'Lantern). The field of reinforcement learning is growing exponentially, but cutting-edge research...

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    Item #: D'Kitty -

      D'Kitty is platform introduced by project-ROBEL (RObotics BEnchmarks for Learning) for studying and benchmarking locomotion. It is a twelve degree of freedom quadruped capable of agile locomotion. It consists of four identical legs mounted symmetrically on a square base. The feet are simple 3d printed parts with rubber ends. D'Kitty is symmetric along all three axes and can also walk normally when upside down. Walking in clutter A Sim2Real policy trained via Natural Policy Gradient on MuJoCo...