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    Software Features

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    The WidowXL Robot Arm is an upgrade to the InterbotiX WidowX Robot Arm! The WidowXL has all the resolution of the WidowX with higher power servos, 3D printed hardware for easy assembly, and an upgraded gripper with interchangeable gripper fingers allowing you to customize your grip! The MX series actuators provide a full 360 degree freedom of movement in the base, ultra-high resolution of 4096 positions, user-definable PID parameters, and extremely smooth interpolation. The hefty MX-106 shoulder & elbow servos give the WidowXL very strong lifting strength in a slim frame. If you are looking for greater lifting strength than the WidowX, this version has you covered.

    WidowXL Arm Stats
    Weight 1550G W/ Rotate
    Vertical Reach 51CM (55 W/ Rotate)
    Horizontal Reach 37CM (41 W/ Rotate)
    Strength w/Rotate 30CM/500G
    Gripper Stength 500G Holding
    Wrist Lift Strength 500G W/ Rotate)

    Product Features:

    • Industry Leading ROBOTIS Dynamixel MX-106, MX-64, MX-28, and AX-12 Servos
    • Solid 14cm Ball Bearing Base
    • Aircraft Aluminum, 3/16" Plexiglas, and 3D Printed PLA Frame Design
    • Arbotix Robocontroller for Onboard Processing
    • New, Open Source Design Parallel Gripper with Interchangeable fingers

    Kit Includes:

    Get the 1010 T-Slot Rail Gripper CAD files here to design your own Gripper fingers!

    An aircraft aluminum + 3/16" Plexiglas frame design and 14cm diameter ball bearing rotational base ensures maximum rigidity and accuracy. Optional wrist rotate allows for up to 5 degrees of freedom, along with a custom designed parallel gripper for high precision and maximum gripping strength.

    The WidowXL Robot Arm has up to a 41cm horizontal reach and 55cm of vertical reach. At a 10cm reach it can lift up to 1000g, and at 30cm up to 500g. The gripper itself has a rated holding strength of up to 500g, while the wrist itself can lift up to 1000g vertically.

    MX DYNAMIXELs support up to 360 degrees of motion, which results in an extraordinary range of motion and reach on the WidowX . Temperature monitoring, positional feedback, as well as voltage levels, load, and compliance settings are user accessible as well.

    The onboard Arbotix Robocontroller can be programmed using the Arduino IDE or custom firmware, providing 8 digital and analog IOs, Xbee wireless or USB connectivity, and a powerful ATMega644p capable of handling Inverse Kinematics code onboard.

    The ArbotiX-M Robocontroller features:

    • ATMega644p Microprocessor
    • 8 Analog & 8 Digital IOs
    • Physical, Xbee Wireless, & USB/TTL Serial control options
    • Arduino IDE compatible
    • Custom firmware capable