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Price: $19,999.95 Special Order


    • Computer
    • Communication
    • Power Module
    • Communication Module
    • Display
    • Mechanical LiDAR
    • ASUS VC66 Intel Core i7- 9700
    • USB-to-CAN module
    • 24V to 12V 24v to 19v
    • Intercharger
    • 11.6 Inch Monitor
    • Robosense

    Hardware Features

    The AgileX AutoKit is a full-stack and cost-effective autonomous driving development & education kit based on Autoware open-source software. It provides a powerful autonomous driving sensor system that seamlessly integrates into your robot platform. With this software & hardware platform stack, along with comprehensive user guides, the AutoKit empowers educational experts and industry developers to quickly and easily deploy autonomous robots and develop autonomous driving research in various industries. The AutoWare Kit comes with the following sensors, devices, & computers: A computer with 8 cores and 32GB of RAM, Robotsense RO-LiDAR-16 16 channel LiDAR, LCD display, & a USB-to-CAN module.

    * GPS module is not included in the standard package

    Compatible with the Scout 2.0, Bunker, Hunter 2.0 and Ranger Mini.


    ROS - Robot Operating System (ROS or ros) is an open-source robotics middleware suite. Although ROS is not an operating system but a collection of software frameworks for robot software development, it provides services designed for a heterogeneous computer cluster such as hardware abstraction, low-level device control, implementation of commonly used functionality, message-passing between processes, and package management.

    Computing/Perception - Computing/Perception ia a general advancement in technology where computers are able to sense or analyze the enviornment around them and respond accordingly.

    Autonomous Path Planning - Path, as the name suggests is a set of waypoints which a Robot is expected to travel. The ability to be able to travel on its own. Optimal path is an important aspect of making robots autonomous.

    3D Point Cloud Mapping - A Point Cloud is a 3D visualization made up of thousands or even millions of georeferenced points. Point clouds provide high-resolution data without the distortion sometimes present in 3D mesh models and are commonly used in industry-standard software.

    Autonomous Obstacle Avoidance - Using computer vision, the AutoKit can detect certain objects like letters, numbers, and traffic lights. While navigating, it can sense obstacles in its path and plan local paths to avoid it while staying on track.


    ASUS VivoMini - The ASUS VivoMini VC66 is a high-performance mini PC with a versatile modular design and full connectivity. There's 4K UHD display support, and all-around connectivity with several video output ports for compatibility with various displays.

    Robosense - Smart LiDAR sensor incorporating LiDAR sensors , built-in dedicated SoC and Perception Software can transform conventional 3D LiDAR sensors into full data analysis and comprehension systems.

    Portable 11.6 inch monitor - 11.6 Inch Monitor 480g/8mm ultra-thin 1920 X 1080 Resolution USB Type-C direct connection.

    Mounting Solution - The bottom of this kit provides a standardized mounting solution with aluminum T-slot rails compatibility, convenient for securely mounting it to compatible rovers.



    Onboard Computer

    • Model
    • Power Adapter
    • Performance
    • Memory
    • Display Resolution
    • Upgrade Friendly
    • Connectivity
    • ASUS VC66 (i7-
      9700 16G 512G
      M.2 NVME + Solid
    • 24v to 19V (10a)
    • 7th Gen Intel® Core™ Processors
    • DDR4 RAM 2400MHz
    • 4K
    • Yes
    • 4-1 Card Reader, audio output, & USB 3.0 Type C Port


    • Rotation Speed
    • Blind Spot
    • Range
    • Range Accuracy(Typical)
    • Horizontal FoV
    • Frame Rate
    • Dimension
    • Weight (without cabling)
    • Operating Voltage
    • Power Consumption
    • 300/600/1200rpm (5/10/20Hz)
    • ≤0.4m
    • 150m(80m@10% NIST)
    • Up to ±2cm
    • 360°
    • 5Hz/10Hz/20 Hz
    • φ109mm * H80.7 mm
    • ~0.87 kg
    • 9V - 32V
    • 12W


    • WEIGHT
    • 480g
    • 8mm
    • 1920 x 1080P
    • USB Type-C