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    • Dimensions
    • Weight
    • Payload Capacity
    • Communication
    • Motors
    • IP Rating
    • 980W x 745H x 380L mm
    • 65 ~ 72kg
    • 6Km/h, 150Kg Standard, 10Km/h, 80Kg Optional
    • Standard CAN, 232 Serial Port
    • 4 x 400W Brushless Servo Motor
    • IP22 (IP54 Optional)

    Software Features

    Hardware Features

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    HUNTER 2.0 is designed for Low-speed Autonomous Driving scenarios, leveraging front-wheel Ackermann steering and rocker suspension to cope with obstacles along its way. The new-generation power system offers better payload capacity and longer endurance. The revolutionary design of battery bin enables a quick-change process. It comes with the CAN\232 interface for secondary development.



    Customized Chassis Solution, The HUNTER 2.0 battery pack is lithium iron phosphate- based, offering flexible configuration to meet your task-based capacity needs. Customized speed planning up to 10km/h is available to meet the needs in various autonomous driving scenarios and support a wide set of use cases for industrial-grade robotics.
    Power System, The HUNTER 2.0 continues the simple and elegant look of the HUNTER series with all-steel body, 400w dual servo motor drive, independent front wheel steering and robust, precisely controlled power system to support smooth running, whether indoors or outdoors.



    Base Specs

    • Dimensions
    • Wheelbase Width
    • Wheelbase Front/Rear
    • Weight
    • Payload Capacity
    • Communication
    • Operating Temp
    • IP Rating
    • 980W x 745H x 380L mm
    • 650mm
    • 605mm
    • 65 ~ 72kg
    • 6Km/h, 150Kg Standard 10Km/h, 80Kg Optional
    • Standard CAN 232 Serial Port
    • -20 ~ 65° C
    • IP22 (IP54 Optional)


    • Drive Type
    • Suspension
    • Min Brake Distance
    • Max Obstacle Height
    • Climbing Grade
    • Min Turning Radius
    • Steering Accuracy
    • Parking Function
    • Minimum Ground Clearance
    • Encoder
    • Front-wheel Ackerman Steering Rear Wheel Direct Drive
    • Front Wheel Independent Suspension / Rear Fixed
    • 0.2m (6km/h -> 0km/h)
    • 5cm
    • <10° With Load
    • 1.6m
    • 0.5°
    • Electromagnet power-off parking
    • 100mm
    • 1024 Lines (Elecromagnetic Incremental)


    • Battery
    • Max Travel (no load)
    • Charge Time
    • Output Supply
    • 24V/30Ah (24V/60Ah Optional)
    • 22km (24V/30Ah) 40km(24V/60Ah)
    • 3.5h (24V/30Ah) 7h (24V/60Ah)
    • 24V15A