Item #: AF-1450
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    The Analog Feedback Micro Servo may appear to be a normal micro servo, but it is so much more. What makes this little fella special? Beyond the metal gears which keep this servo solid for the long haul in hobby systems, this servo has feedback via a potentiometer wiper on a separate wire that can be read with an analog input, such as those on an Arduino, to get the servo's position. This gives you the ability to "record" the servo's motion, or improve stability.

    • Dimensions: 11.58mm / 0.45" x 22.75mm / 0.89" x 29.19mm / 1.14"
    • Max Dimensions: 11.58mm / 0.45" x 32.74mm / 1.28" x 31.19mm / 1.22"
    • Wire length: 131.67mm / 5.18"
    • Torque: 25 oz*in / 1.8 kg*cm @6V
    • Speed: 0.1 sec/60° @6V
    • Weight: 15.81 grams
    • Dual ball bearing
    • Metal gearbox
    • Example Arduino Sketch (How to record motion data to the EEPROM and then play it back when a button is pressed)