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    The Artec Block Robo LINK A set is an excellent entry level robotics kit for STEM! The Artec Block system makes it easy to build robots without having to fuss with nuts and bolts. This kit is intended for children ages 8+. It comes with over 70 pieces, including a single motor, and a 22 page manual that will guide anyone through the process of building 5 robots. Following the guide, it is easy to learn about simple machines, mechanical linkages, cranks, gears, motors, and more, getting you off on the right foot on the path of robotics learning!

    Package Contents:
    • Gearbox x 1
    • Battery holder x 1
    • Connector red/black (1 each) 15 cm (5.9 in.) x 1
    • Beam x 6
    • Axle C x 14
    • Disk x 2
    • Basic Cube x 6
    • Half B x 10
    • Half C x 18
    • Half D x 16