When most people think about a robot, they imagine Humanoid Robots. A robot that walks and talks and looks like us. Humanoid robots are an exciting challenge for higher level research as they require balanced bipedal walking to get around. Our humanoid kits come with the control software needed to program your robot to walk, pose, and animate giving them life like personality and behaviors. The very popular Bioloid Premium Humanoid Robot Kit is a great kit for hobbyists getting started in robotics. The Bioloid GP and Darwin-OP Humanoid Robot are full featured research level robot kits for higher end developers.

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    The Bioloid Premium Kit has everything needed to build one of the top performing humanoid robots available today. Lightning quick moves really set this 'bot ahead of the pack! The new CM-530 is a much improved version of the tried and true CM-5 Bioloid Controller, complete with the slick new Robo-Plus software that combines the ease of use of 'building-block' style programming with the logic and flow of the 'C' programming language. A 11.1v 3S LiPo battery pack is not only lighter weight, but...

    Darwin-Mini darwin-mini, darwin, humanoid, robotis humanoid, xl-320, xl servo, xl servo kit, robot kit, robotis kit
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      Robotis Darwin-Mini is a robot kit with an open source embedded board, li-ion battery, smart servos, and a customizable open source 3d printed shell allowing infinite customization options. Darwin-Mini utilizes the OpenCM9.04-C microcontroller, which runs on a 32bit ARM Cortex-M3, and is easily programmed over USB with Robotis' OpenCM software. Each Dynamixel XL servo has an embedded processor that allows for advanced control of the servos as well as reading data such as temperature, position,...

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        Bioloid GP Humanoid Robot Kit Bioloid GP, Humanoid Bioloid GP, Bioloid Grand Prix, Bioloid GP Humanoid, Robotis Bioloid GP, Robotis Bioloid Grand Prix, Bioloid GP Robot, Bioloid GP Kit, Bioloid Grand Prix Robot
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          The long awaited Bioloid GP (Grand Prix) is now available! Never before has a competition-ready humanoid with this level of performance been available as a ready-to-build kit! Utilizing a custom aluminum chassis, AX-18A in the legs and AX-12A Dynamixel servos in the arms, you've never seen such a fast and nimble humanoid robot. A fantastic platform for Humanoid Soccer or Kung Fu competitions, Robotis has once again raised the bar on what is to be expected from a humanoid robot kit. Bioloid GP...