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    The Bioloid Robot Kit from Robotis is the first educational robot kit based around "smart serially controlled servos" which are not only capable of switching between positioning and full continuous rotation, but also provides you with access to sensory feedback such as position, speed, temperature, current draw and voltage of each servo. Bioloid kits are designed in a way that allow the user to construct multiple types of robots. In addition to the great hardware, the Bioloid Kit comes with some powerful GUI-based software. The software is freeware, so whether you're using this kit for education, research, or personal recreation, you can download and install it on as many computers as you need. Bioloid Robot Kits are perfect for Education, Hobbies, Research and Competition.

    The Bioloid Beginner Kit from Robotis is the introduction to the Bioloid System at a fraction of the cost of the more advanced Bioloid kits.

    Included in the Bioloid Beginner Kit:

    If you're buying any of our robot kits, you will save yourself many headaches by picking up a set of these precision Japanese Industrial Standard screwdrivers!

    If you're looking for a something a little more advanced and would like to experience the sheer potential of the Bioloid System, then check out the Bioloid Comprehensive Kit!

    If you want to go all the way and are looking for the most advanced Bioloid kit, then check out the Bioloid Expert Kit!

    Dynamixel AX-12+ serially controlled servos
    • Reduction Ratio: 1/254
    • Holding Torque: 229.2 oz-in (16.5kg-cm) @ 10V
    • Speed: 0.196sec/60° @ 10V
    • 300° Operating Angle
    • Serial Network (TTL) ( 7343bps ~ 1Mbps)
    • Feedback of Shaft Position, Temperature, Input & Load Voltage
    • Ability to specify the Compliance Driving Settings.

    Dynamixel AX-S1 sensing module
    The AX-S1 is housed inside the same casing as the AX-12 BUT the AX-S1 doesn't contain a motor - it is simply a sensing module that can be placed on the same serial network. The AX-S1 consists of:
    • IrDA receiver
    • 3 IR reflection sensors (Left, Right & Front) used to measure distance and luminosity
    • Microphone
    • Piezo-electric sounder used to play musical scales or simple a beeping sound

    Bioloid CM-5 module
    The CM-5 module is an Atmel ATMega128 based mcu module. The microcontroller's PCB is housed in a molded plastic enclosure, which also houses the rechargeable battery pack (9.6V).

    The CM-5 interfaces to the "outside world" via a TTL Serial Network, the diagram below shows the 3-wire multi-dropped serial network.
    This serial network is used to connect motors (AX-12) and sensors (AX-S1), each of which have different Network ID's programmed in their non-volatile memory.

    The Bioloid frames are made from injection molded plastic and are superbly designed - they fit and connect perfectly to each other as well as to the AX-12's and AX-S1's supplied in the kit.

    Bioloid Kit Software

    There are two software utilities that come with the Bioloid kit, these are:
    1. Motion Editor - a GUI that allows you to create motion sequences for your robot, & 2. Behaviour Control Program - a GUI that allows you to program sequences of events/motions.

    Using the Motion Editor in conjunction with the Behaviour Control Program allows the programmer to use the Motion Editor to generate the robots motion sequences and then use the Behaviour Control Program to implement the logic (or intelligence) of the robot.

    Both of these utilities are Freeware

    Educational Institutions can install the software on multiple PC's without infringing on licensing agreements.

    Bioloid Kit Motion Editor
    The Motion Editor is a package that allows the user to move the motors of a robot simply by INC or DEC the number that describes the motors current position.

    Motions are built up frame-by-frame - very similar to a story board in an animation sequence. This allows quite complicated"animations" to be quickly programmed and tested. Once a motion has been defined it can then be downloaded into the CM-5's FLASH and called from the Behaviour Control Program.

    Bioloid Kit Behaviour Control Program
    The Behaviour Control Program is a very nice package, it is easy and intuitive to use.

    A series of commands are entered that allow the programmer to interrogate ALL the functionality of the AX-12, AX-S1 and the CM-5 mcu module. The functionality accessible within the CM-5 includes playing motion sequences, external pushbuttons and the CM-5's timer.

    The commands provided with the Behaviour Control Program include:
    • program control commands (START, END),
    • conditional branching commands (IF,ELSE IF,ELSE,CONT IF) with conditional operations (=, >, and > =, <, and < = =),
    • program sequencing commands (JUMP & CALL/RETURN),
    • numeric commands (COMPUTE), and
    • assignment commands (LOAD).
    Another feature of the Behaviour Control Program is the debugging function which allows variables to be displayed on the PC's screen whilst the program is executing - making it very easy to calibrate AX-S1 sensors. 

    Programming the Bioloid Robot Kit in C

    It is also possible to program the CM-5 module using freeware C compilers, such as that made available by AVR Freaks.

    This gcc compiler is a great freeware tool, coupled with the editor Programmers Notepad.

    This is an option for experienced programmers only though, you'll need to start from the ground up - write all the communication protocol's from scratch, etc., etc.

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