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      Add more sensors to your Bioloid!

    The AX-S1 is housed inside the same casing as the AX-12 BUT the AX-S1 doesn't contain a motor - it is simply a sensing module that can be placed on the same serial network. The AX-S1 consists of:

    • an IrDA receiver for robot-to-robot communication,
    • 3 IR reflection sensors (Left, Right & Front) that can be used to measure distance and luminosity,
    • a microphone, and
    • a piezo-electric sounder that can be used to play musical scales or simple a beeping sound.

    This actuator is meant to be used with the Bioloid system.  To see all of our Bioloid products, follow this link.

    For more information, including the full serial command set, download the AX-S1 manual.


    Hardware Included
      When you purchase the AX-S1, not only are you getting a state-of-the-art actuator, you're also getting the hardware necessary to connect it to the rest of your project.
    Frames! Screws & Nuts!
    20cm Communication Cable! Bushing & Washer!


    Frame Configurations


    Physical Dimensions


    Weight 37g
    Resolution 10bit (1024)
    Voltage 7V~10V (Recommended voltage: 9.6V)
    Supply Current 40mA
    Operating Temperature -5˚ ~ 85˚ C
    Command Signal Digital Packet
    Protocol Type Half duplex Asynchronous Serial Communication (8bit,1stop,No Parity)
    Link (Physical) TTL Level Multi Drop (daisy chain type Connector)
    ID 254 Possible ID's (0~253)
    Communication Speed 7343bps ~ 1 Mbps
    Feedback Infra-red Sensor, Internal Mic, Temperature, Input Voltage, IR Remocon Tx/Rx Data, etc.
    Material Engineering Plastic