Item #: MP-EPF200
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Price: $13.95

    The Mini Turbo Fan is a Mini Badass. Sporting 73g of thrust while weighing in at only 30g it can take off if you give it full throttle. Perfect for fire fighting robots or cooling you on hot summer days. The Mini Turbo Fan comes with a heat sink and 4" cable with male ends.

    To extend the cable we recommend using our 2-pin F/F jumper cable.

    *The fan edges may rub against the duct walls when you first run it. This is okay. The blades will actually trim themselves down. That is how badass this fan is. It literally trims its own blades.

    Mini Turbo Fan Stats
    Operating Voltage 6V 7.2V
    Amps 2.3 3
    Thrust 48g 73g
    Power 13.8W 21.6W
    Efficiancy(g/w) 3.47 3.37
    Diameter 2.0"
    Weight 30g