PIR Wide Angle Sensor
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    The PIR(Passive Infra-Red) Sensor is a pyroelectric device that detects motion by sensing changes in the infrared(radiant heat) levels emitted by surrounding objects.Each Wide Angle PIR Sensor cable includes a 4-pin cable, as well as a mount and hardware to adapt to all RobotGeek products with a centimeter grid pattern (Workbenches, Geekbot, etc.). Mount it at a right angle, and flat.Product FeaturesSingle bit output Small size On-board LEDs Power 3V to 6VDC operation 150uA idle, 3mA active(no...

    Parallax PIR Motion Sensor
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      The PIR Sensor detects motion up to 20 feet away by using a Fresnel lens and infrared-sensitive element to detect changing patterns of passive infrared emitted by objects in its vicinity. Inexpensive and easy to use, it's ideal for alarm systems, motion-activated lighting, holiday props, and robotics applications. The PIR Sensor is compatible with all Parallax microcontrollers; sample BS1, BS2, and SX/B programs and product documentation are available under Downloads (coming soon!). Features:...

      Phidgets Motion Sensor Phidgets Motion Sensor, Phidgets IR Motion Sensor, IR Motion Sensor, motion sensor, Phidget Motion Sensor, Phidget IR Motion Sensor,
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        This sensor is intended to be used with a Phidget Interface Kit 8/8/8 (Analog input). This sensor detects changes in infrared radiation which  occur when there is movement by a person (or object) which is different in temperature from the surroundings. As this sensor detects temperature differences, it is well suited to detecting the motion of people by their body temperature. The sensor is also characterized by a narrow sensing area. This kit includes (1) Phidget Motion Sensor and (1)...