Phidgets Precision Voltage Sensor Phidgets Precision Voltage Sensor, Phidget Precision Voltage Sensor
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    The Voltage Sensor measures the differential voltage between the input terminals and outputs the difference proportionally. The maximum differential voltage that can be measured accurately is ±30V. Resources Product Manual   Product Specifications Characteristic Value Current Consumption 3.6mA Input Impedance 1MegaOhm Recommended Max Difference between Vin+ and Vin- 30V Absolute Maximum difference between Vin+ and Vin- 35V Input CMR 40V Output Range 0 to 5V Min/Max error ±2% Typical Error...

    Phidgets 30 AMP Current Sensor AC&DC Phidget 30 AMP Current Sensor AC&DC, Phidget 30s AMP Current Sensor, Phidget Current Sensor, Phidgets Current Sensor, Phidgets High Amp Current Sensor, Phidget Amp Sensor
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      Measure AC & DC Current from -30 to +30 Amps. Includes 60cm sensor cable.  This sensor outputs 0-5V and is intended to be used with the Phidgets 8/8/8. This product is part of the Phidgets family! Phidgets are an easy to use set of USB-based building blocks for low cost sensing and control from your PC. A wide array of sensors, I/O devices, and controllers are available. To view the entire Phidgets product line, follow this link. Getting Started with Phidgets Phidgets Documentation:...