RFID Readers and RFID tags are a super fun technology to use in your DIY and education projects. With the explosion in Arduino popularity adding an Arduino RFID Shield to your projects can easily add wireless tagging of objects and IDs. RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. Each RFID tag has a unique ID which can be read wirelessly from your RFID Reader. Using an RFID reader and tags acting as electronic keys you can create programs to unlock doors or custom project boxes, trigger sounds, photos, or audio files to create games and learning tools, or build custom logging programs for things like races or timecards. Review the different RFID readers and tags offered below to find the right fit for your wireless RFID project.

Phidgets RFID Reader (USB) Phidgets RFID Reader, Phidget RFID Reader, RFID Reader, USB RFID Reader, Hobby RFID Reader
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    Note: The 1024_0B is identical to the 1024_0, except that it comes pre-assembled in a plastic shell enclosure and does not include a USB cable.The PhidgetRFID Read-Write reads RFID tags that are brought in close proximity to the reader and returns the tag identification number. Writing data to T5577 tags is also supported. For a list of compatible RFID tags that we have available, see the Compatible Products tab.RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) systems use data strings stored inside RFID...