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Robot Assembly & Engineering Apprenticeship

$18/hr | Full Time & Part Time | Onsite

Date: 07/02/24


Trossen Robotics is hiring robot assemblers. We are looking for engineering students who would like to earn money while learning how robots are engineered and built. This is a great opportunity for those looking to get hands-on experience in design, engineering, 3D printing, CNC machines, production, and start-up company workplaces.

The position is for production line assembly, where workers assemble robotic manipulators and box them up for shipping. We manufacture on-site in our workshop, assembling the arms and producing parts from our 3D farm and laser CNC machine.

We offer mentoring and apprenticeship opportunities for those who desire to learn more and would like to take on extracurricular projects. Apprentices will be given homework assignments to accomplish at home and work with a mentor on-site a few hours each week being guided through design, iterative improvement, and completion of engineering projects. The apprenticeship program is an excellent opportunity for candidates to build up real-world resume experience and skills in hardware and software engineering that cannot be learned in a textbook.




  • Bolting together of brackets, motors, and other robotics hardware for kit assembly

  • Managing the production of 3D printed parts on our printer farm of 8-12 printers. 

  • Running a CNC laser machine to cut plastic parts

  • Boxing up kits to stock in the warehouse

  • Testing kits for QA

  • Helping with order fulfillment in the warehouse

  • Basic electronics soldering


Minimum Requirements:


  • Attention to detail

  • Work independently

  • Basic understanding of quality control principles

  • Good communication skills (verbal and written)

  • High school diploma

  • Physical dexterity necessary to assemble small parts


Advancement opportunities are always open to hard-working candidates.

We offer a casual yet fast-paced working environment and are located in Downers Grove by Maple and 355. Candidates will need to be reasonably close and have transportation. This position is onsite.

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