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Robotics Mechanical Design Engineer Intern

Full Time | On-Site

Date: 07/01/24

Trossen Robotics is an industry leader in research and educational robotics. We specialize in the design, development, and integration of manipulators and UGVs. You may have even seen our platforms in your lab. We are proud to say that, as a small company, our robotic kits are in use by every major university and research institution in the USA, along with Fortune 100 tech companies in a variety of industries.


We are located in the Chicago suburbs of Downers Grove. Candidates will need to have transportation.

The Mechanical Design Engineer Intern will be responsible for CAD work under the direction of the Lead Mechanical Engineer, who will be working on projects involving R&D and product design for mobile robotic platforms and manipulators. 

For AGVs, the design process typically involves altering an existing platform to our company's or clients' needs. This can be an existing in-house platform or a new platform from a vendor. 


A typical design process includes:


  • Integration of third-party electromechanical devices such as robotic manipulators, pan-and-tilt devices, cameras, sensors, motors, servos, linear actuators, batteries, charging stations, radios, and antennas.

  • Shell designs for aesthetics and mounting rails

  • Fitting electrical components together with protective enclosures inside the robot chassis and navigation stacks. 

  • Smart design of modular mounting systems and access panels, with a key focus on ease of maintenance.

  • Wiring of components, cable runs, connectors design, and selection

  • Weatherproofing of the entire system


Our approach to designing robotic manipulators begins with selecting servos and determining the joint configuration layout. Next, we design the brackets and linkages, considering aspects such as aesthetic appeal, assembly process efficiency, fabrication methods, cost-effectiveness, cable management, and overall functionality.

Minimum Requirements:


  • CAD Proficiency: Must be proficient in CAD software such as Fusion360, AutoCAD, Solidworks, or PTC Creo to create detailed 2D and 3D models.

  • Engineering Documentation: Create comprehensive engineering drawings and maintain thorough documentation of specifications and design processes.

  • Version Control and Documentation Management: Efficiently manage version control of design files and technical documents.

  • Rapid Prototyping: Utilize rapid prototyping techniques for quick iteration and validation of design concepts.

Read This Portfolio Guide

Before You Apply

Having a portfolio is essential when applying for a Mechanical Design Engineering position. Without it, it's like trying to get a job as a chef without letting anyone taste your food or as a painter without showing your artwork. Not having a portfolio can reduce your chances of getting the job by up to 90%. If you don't have one, it's best to wait to submit your application until you do, as your resume may get passed over otherwise. A good portfolio demonstrates that you are invested in your career and are willing to put effort into presenting yourself professionally.

Don't forget that "DESIGN" is in the name "Mechanical Design Engineering", so it's crucial to showcase your design skills.

Here's what you should include in your portfolio: 

  • Screenshots of CAD projects you've worked on

  • Photos or videos of physical builds you've completed

  • Detailed descriptions of your projects and your specific contributions, especially if it was a team effort

  • Discussion of challenges and iterations you overcame during the project


Make sure to add your personal projects and work done outside of school assignments. Hiring managers like to see candidates' passion and evidence that they're pursuing challenging projects on their own, rather than just completing classroom assignments.

Your portfolio doesn't have to be extravagant. It can be a simple PDF or hosted on GitHub. The most important thing is to showcase your projects.

Tamer Shaheen has an EXCELLENT video with a ton of great advice.

Portfolios are required for this position. Link (URL) to your portfolio in your resume.

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