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  1. Eligibility: This contest is open to everyone (except TR employees), but in order to submit your project, you must be a registered member of the TRC. Registration is free and can be done here.
  2. To Enter: No purchase necessary to enter or win, void where prohibited by law. After making an account in the Trossen Robotics Community (TRC) to post your project go to the Project Showcase Forum. Please use the thread prefix [Contest Entry] to show everyone that you would like to submit your project into the TRC contest.
  3. Judging: Entries will be judged on a 1-10 scale on the following criteria:

    • Ingenuity - How brilliant is your project? Is it just sorta meh… or will it seriously pump up your geek cred? The more widgets, computers, code, and electronics involved the more you’ll score in this category.
    • Originality / Creativity - How far did your mind have to stretch into the 4th dimension to come up with your project? Did you just invent another way to put the toilet seat back down, or is it so out there that it needed not one, but three flux capacitors? The farther projects are in the future, look like they belong in an art museum, or maybe should be safely kept behind glass, the more points awarded in this category.
    • Presentation, Documentation, & Explanation! - Tell us about your project: What made you think of your project, the parts & software you used, the problems you faced and solutions you came up with. Pictures and/or videos are a must! Some good sections to think about including are: Introduction / Summary, Purpose / Project Genesis, Technical Details, Parts List, Software Used, Problems Faced and Solutions, Conclusions / Future Plans). Keep in mind these are just examples, not requirements. We don't expect you to write a college thesis, but the better your write up the higher your chances of winning. The contest is all about sharing in the DIY community so others should be able to learn from your experiences.
  4. Questions: If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Good luck to everyone!

- The Trossen Robotics Team

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