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    Robotis Darwin-Mini is a robot kit with an open source embedded board, li-ion battery, smart servos, and a customizable open source 3d printed shell allowing infinite customization options. Darwin-Mini utilizes the OpenCM9.04-C microcontroller, which runs on a 32bit ARM Cortex-M3, and is easily programmed over USB with Robotis' OpenCM software. Each Dynamixel XL servo has an embedded processor that allows for advanced control of the servos as well as reading data such as temperature, position, and torque. Bluetooth communication allows for control and programming of Darwin via a computer or tablet. The RoboPlus software allows for capture and playback of various poses, or use the wide variety of built-in motions. Advanced motion such as headstands, rolls, and picking himself up from the ground are no problem for Darwin-Mini.
    • Controller: OpenCM9.04-C x 1
    • Bluetooth: BT-210 x 1
    • Battery: LB-040 x 2
    • DYNAMIXEL: XL-320 x 16
    • DYNAMIXEL: XL-320D x 1
    • Cable
    • Quickstart Guidebook
    • Stickers
    • 3D Printable Parts