ROS Open Source Packages

Below are all currently available ROS open source demo packages available.

Gazebo Arm Gazebo Simulation Configuration - Contains configuration files, launch files, and example worlds to simulate the X-Series arms in Gazebo. Also has position and trajectory controllers with tunable PID gains so that ROS can control the arms.
Joystick Demo Joystick Control - Control any X-Series arm using a Bluetooth joystick controller. This package can be used to control the movements of any X-Series robotic arm using a SONY PS3/PS4 controller or Microsoft Xbox360 controller (untested) via Bluetooth.
MoveIt Arm MoveIt Motion Planning Configuration - Contains the necessary config files to get any of the X-Series arms working with MoveIt, the standard motion planning framework for ROS. This package also provides interfaces to work with the arms in a Gazebo simulation.
Dual Joy Arm Dual Arm Control - Enables the control of multiple X-Series arms using scripts. Configuration files are provided that allow for 2 or more arms to be controlled simultaneously using multithreading techniques.
Python Perception Arm Perception Pipeline Configuration - Contains the necessary config and launch files to get any of the many Interbotix X-Series arms working with the perception pipeline, allowing for the arms to interact with depth cameras such as the RealSense D415.
MoveIt Interface Arm MoveIt Interface and API - Contains a small API that allows a user to command desired end-effector poses to an Interbotix arm. Also has a modified version of the Move Group Python Interface Tutorial script for users to understand the basics of MoveIt Commander.
Diagnostic Tool Arm Arm Diagnostic Tool - Analyze the state of one joint or any number of joints over time while running through a script, or while playing back a ROS bag file. Visualize different parameters such as temperature, position, and effort over time.
PID Interface PID Gains Test Environment - A way to test 'pwm' or 'current' PID gains when operating the arm in either 'pwm' or 'current' mode. The package moves the robot through a series of poses as a way to test the effects of different gains and control modes.
Dual Joy Dual Arm Joystick Control - Control two X-Series arms using a single joystick controller. Builds on top of the Joystick and Dual Control packages and contains only configuration and launch files, an example of ROS’s modularity.
Dual Puppet Arm Arm Puppeteering - Demos a record and playback feature of the X-Series arms. Also allows for the manual manipulation of one X-Series arm while the motion is replicated nearly simultaneously in another arm.
Python Demo Arm Python Demos - Showcase of examples for the Interbotix Python Arm Module. We made Python wrappers for the X-Series arm that allow users to control their arm without writing a single line of ROS code.
Python Demo Arm MATLAB Demos - Showcase of examples for the Interbotix MATLAB Arm Module. We made MATLAB wrappers for the X-Series arm that allow users to control their arm without writing a single line of ROS code.