ViperX-300 6DOF


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The ViperX-300 6DOF Robot Arm belongs to the Interbotix X-Series family of arms featuring the DYNAMIXEL X-Series Actuators from Robotis. The X-Series actuators offer higher torque, more efficient heat dissipation and better durability all at a smaller form factor over previous DYNAMIXEL servos. The DYNAMIXEL XM540-W270 & DYNAMIXEL XM430-W350 servos offer high resolution of 4096 positions and user definable PID parameters, temperature monitoring, positional feedback, as well as voltage levels, load, and compliance settings are user accessible as well. At the heart of the ViperX-300 6DOF is the Robotis DYNAMIXEL U2D2 which enables easy access to DYNAMIXEL Wizard software as well as ROS. The ViperX-300 6DOF offers 6 degree of freedom and a full 360 degree of rotation.

The main advantage to using a 6 degree of freedom arm is the increased maneuverability it provides. In general, the pose of an arm’s end-effector can be described by its position (x, y, z) and orientation (roll, pitch, yaw) in 3D space. While each of these six factors can be controlled independently with a 6DOF arm, one or more of them must be constrained with lower dof arms.

ViperX-300 6DOF
Degrees of Freedom 6
Reach 750mm
Total Span 1500mm
Accuracy 1mm
Working Payload 750g*
Total Servos 9
Wrist Rotate Yes


* Working Payload for the ViperX-300 6DOF is inside its maximum reach, if intending to use a 750g weight we recommend no more than a 50% extension of the arm.

Default Joint Limits

Default joint limits are the safe range of operation for each joint. These are set in the firmware, defined as degrees from Zero (servo centered).

Joint Min Max Servo ID(s)
Waist -180 180 1
Shoulder -101 101 2+3
Elbow -101 92 4+5
Wrist Angle -107 130 6
Forearm Roll -180 180 7
Wrist Rotate -180 180 8
Gripper 42mm 116mm 9

Default Servo Configurations

ID Joint Name Servo Baudrate
1 waist XM540-W270 1Mbps
2 shoulder XM540-W270 1Mbps
3 shoulder_shadow XM540-W270 1Mbps
4 elbow XM540-W270 1Mbps
5 elbow_shadow XM540-W270 1Mbps
6 forearm_roll XM540-W270 1Mbps
7 wrist_angle XM540-W270 1Mbps
8 wrist_rotate XM430-W350 1Mbps
9 gripper XM430-W350 1Mbps

Kinematic Properties