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    The AX/MX DYNAMIXEL Servo Manager Kit is a perfect starting point for any serious project using the Robotis Dynamixel actuators. It contains everything needed to interface AX & MX-T series servos with the U2D2, including power/hub breakouts, and a cable pack. This kit provides access to the Dynamixel API, Roboplus Dynamixel Wizard for firmware updates, recovery, and an easy to use UI to configure & test servo attributes. A must have option for any serious Dynamixel developer!

    Note: This kit no longer contains the USB2Dynamixel Adapter, the adapter is discontinued an no longer available. The kit now comes with the U2D2.

    Kit Includes:


    • Configure & ID Dynamixels
    • Set Baudrates
    • Update Firmware
    • Dynamixel Recovery Options
    • Interface with the Dynamixel API (C, C++, MATLAB, Labview, Etc)
    • Power Supply & Interface included
    • 6 Port Hub + 10-pack of cables

    Compatible with

    Power Supply

    If you will be working with any MX-64T or MX-106T servos we highly recommend using the 12v 10A power supply. No matter what servos you are using please keep in mind the amperage requirements of your particular setup.

    *Under certain circumstances, these servos can drop the voltage on Switched Mode Power Supplies. If you are using these servos with an SMPS we recommend also using the SMPS2DYNAMIXEL to avoid the servos from resetting

    FTDI Driver Notice: USB2DYNAMIXELs purchased before july 2015 may not work with the latest FTDI drivers 2.12.00. For a fix, please see our blog post on the matter




    These files are no longer supported. They are provided for legacy purposes. Click here to view.