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    DYNAMIXEL is a robot exclusive smart actuator with fully integrated DC Motor + Reduction Gearhead + Controller + Driver + Network in one DC servo module.

    DYNAMIXEL-P Series implements removable reduction cycloid gears, resulting in high precision and impact resistance.

    - Torque control based on current sensing

    - Position, Torque and Speed-based command

    - High resolution with combination of Incremental Encoder and Contactless Absolute Encoder

    - Full metal housing for high durability

    - Can be used to make a full-size manipulator, pan tilt, humanoid, etc.

    [DYNAMIXEL PRO -> P] Upgrade Details

    - Improved design and JST connectors applied

    - Improved dirt inflow and leakage

    - Improved control table (Supports X Series functions)

    - Enhanced control performance such as responsiveness and resolution

    - Enhanced communication responsiveness

    - Improved heat, noise, and durability

    Package Components

    Robot Cable-X4P 300mm(Convertible)1
    Robot Cable-X4P 300mm1
    Wrench Bolt WB M3x820

    Compatible Products

    Controller : OpenCM 485 Expansion Board, OpenCR1.0

    Interface : USB2Dynamixel, U2D2

    Factory Default Settings

    ID : 1

    Baud Rate : 57600bps

    (User can change various settings including ID and baud rate according to environment)

    Performance Comparison


    The operational voltage is different from other DYNAMIXEL series (Operational voltage: 24V).

    Depending on the number of units used, it is recommended to use a separate power supply.

    Molex 4Pin connector is used for communication.


    Model NamePM42-010-S260-R
    MCUCortex-M4 (168 [Mhz], 32 [bit])
    Input VoltageMin. [V]-
    Recommended [V]24.0
    Max. [V]-
    Performance CharacteristicsVoltage [V]24.0
    Stall Torque [N·m]-
    Stall Current [A]-
    No Load Speed [rpm]28.0
    No Load Current [A]0.52
    Continuous OperationVoltage [V]24.0
    Torque [N·m]1.7
    Speed [rpm]26.0
    Current [A]0.6
    ResolutionResolution [deg/pulse]0.0007
    Step [pulse]526,374
    Angle [degree]360
    Position SensorContactless absolute encoder
    Incremental encoder
    Operating TemperatureMin. [°C]-5
    Max. [°C]55
    MotorCoreless (Maxon)
    Baud RateMin. [bps]9,600
    Max. [bps]10,500,000
    Control AlgorithmPID
    Gear TypeCycloid
    Gear MaterialMetal
    Case MaterialMetal
    Dimensions (WⅹHⅹD) [mm]42.0 X 72.0 X 42.0
    Dimensions (WⅹHⅹD) [inch]1.65 X 2.83 X 1.65
    Weight [g]270.00
    Weight [oz]9.52
    Gear Ratio257.0 : 1
    Command SignalDigital Packet
    Protocol TypeHalf duplex Asynchronous
    Serial Communication (8bit, 1stop, No Parity)
    Link (Physical)RS485 Multi Drop Bus
    ID0 ~ 252
    FeedbackPosition, Velocity, Current, Temperature, Voltage, External Port, etc
    Protocol versionProtocol 2.0
    Operating Mode / AngleTorque Control Mode
    Velocity Control Mode
    Position Control Mode
    Extended Position Control Mode
    PWM Control Mode
    Output [W]10
    Standby Current [mA]30