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    DYNAMIXEL is a robot exclusive smart actuator with fully integrated DC Motor + Reduction Gearhead + Controller + Driver + Network in one DC servo module.

    The DYNAMIXEL XC series adopts new features that allow 360 degrees control mode with its contactless magnetic encoder and hollow back case assembly structure. The XL series has the same mechanical structure as the XM430 and XH430 and is compatible with the respective models.

    XC430 is a high performance version of XL430 (Entry-level DYNAMIXEL), that can be applied to robots that require stronger torque.

    Metal gears are adopted to enhance its durability.

    1. Various Operating Modes :Velocity Control, Position Control, Extended Position Control, PWM Control
    2. Profile Control for Smooth Motion Planning
    3. Hollow Back Case Minimizes Cable Stress (3-way-routing)
    4. Direct Screw Assembly to the Case (without Nut Insert)
    5. Energy Saving with Reduced Current

    Package Components

    XC430-W150-T x1

    HN11-N101 x1

    X3P 180mm Cable x1

    Hardware / Spacer

    Compatible Products

    Controller : OpenCM9.04 485 Expansion Board, OpenCR1.0

    Interface : USB2Dynamixel, U2D2

    Factory Default Settings
    ID : 1
    Baud Rate :
    (User can change various settings including ID and baud rate according to environment)