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    DYNAMIXEL is a robot exclusive smart actuator with fully integrated DC Motor + Reduction Gearhead + Controller + Driver + Network in one DC servo module.

    The DYNAMIXEL XH / XM-Series offers a variety of control techniques based on high-performance current sensing algorithms.

    It adopts the aluminum case and adopts the new technology such as the hollow cable fastening structure for users’ convenience.

    1. 6 Operating Modes

    Torque Control, Velocity Control, Position Control, Extended Position Control, Current based Position Control, PWM Control

    2. Profile Control for Smooth Motion Planning

    3. Improved Heat Sink Featuring an Aluminum Case

    4. Hollow Back Case Minimizes Cable Stress (3-way-routing)

    5. Direct Screw Assembly to the Case (without Nut Insert)

    6. Energy Saving (Reduced Current from 100mA to 40mA)

    7. 28.4% reduced volume compared to the MX-106

    8. Support synchronous control mode

    9. Support external I / O port support

    Package Components





    Teflon Washer (for Horn Assembly)


    Robot Cable-X3P 180mm


    Robot Cable-X3P (Convertible) 180mm


    3P Sync Cable 160mm


    Wrench Bolt WB M2.5x5


    Wrench Bolt WB M2.5x4


    Wrench Bolt WB M3x8


    Spacer Ring


    Compatible Products

    Controller : OpenCM 485 Expansion Board, OpenCR1.0

    Interface : USB2Dynamixel, U2D2

    Factory Default Settings

    ID : 1

    Baud Rate : 57600bps

    (User can change various settings including ID and baud rate according to environment)

    DYNAMIXEL XM540-W270-T
    Model Number XM540-W270-T
    Weight (g) 165g
    Dimensions (mm) 33.5mm x 58.5mm x 44mm
    Gear Ratio 272.5 : 1
    Operation Voltage (V) 11.1 12 14.8
    Stall Torque (N.m) 10.0 10.6 12.9
    Stall Current (A) 4.2 4.4 5.5
    No Load Speed (RPM) 28 30 37
    MCU ST CORTEX-M3 (STM32F103C8 @ 72MHZ,32BIT)
    Position Sensor Contactless absolute encoder (12BIT,360°) by AMS
    Motor Coreless Motor
    Resolution 0.088° x 4,096
    Operating Range Position Control Mode : 360°
    Velocity Control Mode : Endless turn
    Input Voltage (V) 10~14.8V (Recommended voltage : 12V)
    Operating Temperature (°C) -5°C ~ 80°C
    Command Signal Digital Packet
    Protocol Type Half Duplex Asynchronous Serial Communication (8bit, 1stop, No Parity)
    Link (physical) TTL Level Multi Drop Bus
    ID 253 ID (0~252)
    Baud Rate 9600 bps ~ 4.5 Mbps
    Feedback Position, Velocity, Current, Realtime tick, Trajectory, Temperature, Input Voltage, etc.
    Material Case : Metal (Front, Middle)
    Engineering Plastic (Back)
    Gear : Full Metal
    Standby current 40 mA