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    The Robust EL Inverter For EL Shield turns DC voltage from your Arduino or Geekduino into high frequency AC for powering electroluminescent (EL) devices.

    The rated input voltage is 3.3-5 V, so it should work well with most micro-controllers. It produces high frequency 110 V AC which is perfect for powering EL wire. Keep in mind that it does produce a quiet but audible high frequency noise when connected to power. In most applications it won't be noticeable.

    This inverter can power up to 15 m of EL wire. Since EL wire typically comes in 3 m lengths, this inverter can supply power to 4 or possibly even 5 separate EL wires.

    The EL inverter is intended for use with the Seeed EL shield and EL wire. You can use this inverter without the EL shield, but you will only be able to control one EL device (or chain of devices) at a time.

    Package contents:
    • 1 x EL inverter

    The connector with two black wires goes to the EL device. The connector with a red and black wire connects to 3.3-5 V DC and ground.