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Item #: SS-SLD01106P
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Price: $26.50

    The EL Shield kit is an easy to use shield to control electroluminescent (EL) devices (such as EL wire) with either an Arduino or Seeeduino. The board has 4 outputs so you can control up to 4 devices separately! It can drive EL wires at long as 15 m (49 ft). This shield come without the headers soldered on, so you'll have to attach them before use.

    If you know how to control an LED, you can control EL devices. The EL Shield makes it that easy! The shield uses pulse-width modulation (PWM), so you can create a variety of lighting effects by controlling each EL wire according to your programming.

    The shield does not come with any EL devices or the required AC inverter. So, you'll probably want some of our EL wire (which comes in 5 colors) and at least 1 of our EL inverter for EL shield to get glowing fast.

    Package contents:
    • 1 x EL Shield
    • 1 x Set of Headers
    • 1 x High voltage protection cover
    • 1 x Set mounting hardware
    • 4 x EL wire 2 pin adapter cables

    Remember, the EL Shield comes unassembled. The headers must be soldered to the board.

    And don't forget, you'll need an EL inverter too!