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    Add colored lighting to your projects with some electroluminescent (EL) wire! Available in 5 different colors (red, yellow, blue, green and white). Each coil is a very thin 2.3 mm in diameter and 3 meters long. In a dark room, these are very bright! They're easy to bend, hang and shape to fit your needs.

    EL wire works best at 120V AC. So, to use this product, you must power it through a DC to AC inverter. The inverter converts 3.3 V DC from your Arduino to AC. It will not work off of DC power directly.

    Multiple strands can be powered through a single inverter, but to control the strands independently you'll need the Seeed's EL Shield. Remember, the inverter is not included with the wire, so you'll need to purchase one separately. You can get our EL Inverter here.

    Each wire has a 2 pin connector. It is designed to work with the EL Shield, which comes with appropriate connecting cables. However, if you want to use it separately, it can be connected to the DC to AC inverter using jumper wires. The two black wires connect to the EL wire. The red and black wire connect to 3.3 V and ground respectively.

    Package contents:
    • 1 x EL wire (3 m)

    Don't forget, you must use an EL wire inverter to power the EL wire!


    Product electroluminescent (EL) wire
    Operating Voltage 120 V recommended (20-220 V)
    Operating Frequency 1500-2000 Hz recommended (50-5000 Hz)
    Static Capacitance 6 nF/m (at 20°C, <80% RH)
    Brightness 30-126 cd/m2 (at 120V, 200-2000Hz)
    Power 108-1032 mW/m (at 120V, 200-2000Hz)
    Light life approx. 8000 hours (at 100V, 400Hz)
    Operating temperature/humidity -10-60°C, <90% RH
    Storage temperature/humidity: -10-60°C, <65% RH
    Thickness 2.3 mm