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    The Gesture R TINY is a single, itty bitty module that includes Gesture Sensing, Proximity Sensing, and Ambient Light Sensing! This tiny, inexpensive, user-friendly board will bring your robot or electronics project the same kind of gesture sensing found in the latest smart phones. Gesture R can distinguish your gesture in 4 directions in 3 different speeds. GestureR can communicate with any Arduino Host or other microcontrollers through I2C interface. Reading through datasheets is always painful when using a new shield or sensor, so there are sample codes for most of the useful functions in Arduino format. You can just connect GestureR to your device and use it right away with simple commands.

    • 11 x 11mm
    • Power Supply Voltage: 2.2 - 5.5V
    • Operating Temperature: -35 to 85C
    • I2C Interface
    • I2C Clock Frequency up to 400kHz
    • Ambient Light Sensing Range: 0.02 to 10,000 lx
    • Ambient Light Sensing ADC Maximum Resolution: 19 bits
    • Ambient Light Sensing ADC Recommended Resolution: 16/14 bits
    • Gesture & Proximity Sensing Max Detection Distance: 100mm
    • Gesture & Proximity Sensing Min Displacement for Gesture Sensing at 100m.: 120mm (+/- 60mm)
    • Gesture & Proximity Sensing ADC Max Resolution: 14 bits
    • Gesture & Proximity Sensing ADC Recommended Resolution: 14/12 bits