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    Software Features

    Hardware Features

    This Interbotix Lab Custom Frame is great for building robots from the -64 and -106 series DYNAMIXEL robot servos. The Interbotix MX-64 / 106 Tibia is the same frame as used in the legs of the HR-OS5. For -106 servos, the frame will fit perfectly onto the servo. Each frame comes with two small spacer and longer bolts for a perfect fit on any -64 series servo - just fit one spacer in between the frame and the horn, and one spacer between the frame and the idler bearing. Tapped holes on the frame's sides make it easy to attach 3D printed frames.


    • 1 x Tibia Bracket
    • 4 x plastic spacer for -64 series servos
    • 20 x M2.5*6 bolts (NOTE: These bolts are only for the -64 series servos. Do NOT use them with the -106 series servos - instead, use the M2.5*4 that come with the servo's horn.)

    Compatibility List

    NOTE: The acrylic plastic spacers in this kit are NOT compatible with Turbo-Lock. Plastic-safe adhesives like Turbo-Fuse should be used.