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    Software Features

    Hardware Features

    Kobuki is an mobile base for open-source research and development purposes. It can be used to quickly and cheaply build research platforms and also provides access to other open source software, including ROS. The result is a product that can very easily utilise existing 3D sensing technologies and navigation algorithms to develop applications for research.

    1x Kobuki
    1x Small Battery Pack
    1x Charger
    1x USB Cable
    1x Power Cable


    • Maximum translational velocity: 70 cm/s
    • Maximum rotational velocity: 180 deg/s (>110 deg/s gyro performance will degrade)
    • Payload: 5 kg (hard floor), 4 kg (carpet)
    • Cliff: will not drive off a cliff with a depth greater than 5cm
    • Threshold Climbing: climbs thresholds of 12 mm or lower
    • Rug Climbing: climbs rugs of 12 mm or lower
    • Expected Operating Time: 3/7 hours (small/large battery)
    • Expected Charging Time: 1.5/2.6 hours (small/large battery)
    • Docking: within a 2mx5m area in front of the docking station


    • PC Connection: USB or via RX/TX pins on the parallel port
    • Motor Overload Detection: disables power on detecting high current (>3A)
    • Odometry: 52 ticks/enc rev, 2578.33 ticks/wheel rev, 11.7 ticks/mm
    • Gyro: factory calibrated, 1 axis (110 deg/s)
    • Bumpers: left, center, right
    • Cliff sensors: left, center, right
    • Wheel drop sensor: left, right
    • Power connectors: 5V/1A, 12V/1.5A, 12V/5A
    • Expansion pins: 3.3V/1A, 5V/1A, 4 x analog in, 4 x digital in, 4 x digital out
    • Audio : several programmable beep sequences
    • Programmable LED: 2 x two-coloured LED
    • State LED: 1 x two coloured LED [Green - high, Orange - low, Green & Blinking - charging]
    • Buttons: 3 x touch buttons
    • Battery: Lithium-Ion, 14.8V, 2200 mAh (4S1P - small), 4400 mAh (4S2P - large)
    • Firmware upgradeable: via usb
    • Sensor Data Rate: 50Hz
    • Recharging Adapter: Input: 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz, 1.5A max; Output: 19V DC, 3.16A
    • Netbook recharging connector (only enabled when robot is recharging): 19V/2.1A DC
    • Docking IR Receiver: left, centre, right
    • Diameter : 351.5mm / Height : 124.8mm / Weight : 2.35kg (4S1P - small)


    • C++ drivers for linux and windows
    • ROS node
    • Gazebo Simulation