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    The LB-040 3.7 V 1300 mAh lithium-ion battery is designed for use with the LBB-040 lithium-ion charger kit. It is primarily intended for use with the DARWIN MINI humanoid robot from ROBOTIS, but it can be used with any project using a OpenCM9.04 or CM-150 controller. This battery is rated at 3.7 V and has a 1300 mAh capacity. The battery weighs 50 g and is 24 x 27 x 70 mm.

    Each package contains:
    • 1 x LB-040 Li-ion Battery

    The built-in protection circuit module prevents overcharge, total depletion, and excessive current. The nominal battery output voltage is 3.7 V, but will typically produce more than 4 V when fully charged. This is normal. For the best charge and your safety wait until the battery has cooled down before recharging. Only recharge using the LBB-040 charger.

    Some precautions:
    • Do not charge the battery while connected to the robot/controller
    • Never use damaged batteries (inflated, deformed, ruptured, etc.)
    • Disconnect and store the battery in a cool/dry place when not in use
    • Charge to about 50% of capacity for extended storage

    The LB-040 Li-ion battery 3.7 V 1300 mAh has a 6 month limited warranty from ROBOTIS.