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Grove - PIR Motion Sensor Grove - PIR Motion Sensor
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    This is a simple to use PIR motion sensor with Grove compatible interface. When anyone moves within the detection range the sensor outputs HIGH on its SIG pin. The detection range and response speed can be adjusted by the two on-board potentiometers. The response time can be adjusted from 0.3s to 25s with up to 6 meters of detecting range! Product WIKI Page. Specifications Grove compatible interface Adjustable detection distance and response time Voltage range: 3V–5V 2.0cm x 4.0cm Detecting...

    Grove - Serial MP3 Player Board Photo
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      The Grove serial MP3 player is a simple board for playing WAV and MP3 files through your controller. All you need is a hardware or software serial connection and a 5 V power source. The board uses the WT5001-48L audio chip to produce high-quality stereo audio through the built in standard 3.5 mm headphone connector. Features: Playback of MP3 and WAV files with 8-44.1 kHz sampling frequency Grove and Arduino compatible Serial communcation Mini SD card interface FAT16 and FAT32 file system Busy...

      Grove - BLE
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        This Grove - BLE utilizes an HM-11 module to provide your Arduino/Seeeduino with serial BLE function, and it can be used with Arduino/Seeeduino very conveniently if using with Base Shield together. With support for a BLE ComAssistant APK, this Grove - BLE can talk to your mobile phone more easily without pairing, and of course, it can be set via AT commands directly. You can use it in many conditions, like robot controls or remote control equipment ,etc. We prepared an easy and convenient...

        Wireless Charging Module - 5V/1A
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          The Wireless Charging Module can be applied in electronic equipments in common use for close wireless charging or power supply. Consisted of a transmitter and insulation coil, it could serve as a replacement for the Wireless Power Supply with stable 5V output voltage and maximum 1.2A output current. Its small size and insulation coil is more suitable for using in wireless project. Most important of all, you can get the output 5v and 1A with 5v input voltage. High efficiency stabilized power...

          Probe jumper wire – 8pcs
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            This is a 300mm jumper wire with probe, it is easy for connecting two point.

            EL inverter wide view
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              The Robust EL Inverter For EL Shield turns DC voltage from your Arduino or Geekduino into high frequency AC for powering electroluminescent (EL) devices. The rated input voltage is 3.3-5 V, so it should work well with most micro-controllers. It produces high frequency 110 V AC which is perfect for powering EL wire. Keep in mind that it does produce a quiet but audible high frequency noise when connected to power. In most applications it won't be noticeable. This inverter can power up to 15 m...

              Pin Headers Experimental Pack Pin Headers Experimental Pack
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                This pack included 41 parts of most commonly used Pin-headers. Perfect for your breadboard/protoboard project. Parts List Female 1*40 2.54mm pin headers X1 Male 1*40 2.54mm pin headers X2 Male 1*40 2.54mm pin headers, stackable Male 1*40 2.54mm pin headers, bend on board X1 Male 1*40 2.54mm pin headers, bend above board X1 Female 1*8 2.54mm pin headers, bend on board X3 Female 1*6 2.54mm pin headers, bend on board X3 Female 1*8 2.54mm pin headers, stackable X3 Female 1*6 2.54mm pin headers,...

                Electronic Brick - Fully Buckled 3 Wire Cable - 5 Pack
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                  5 pack of fully buckled 3 wire cables for the Electronic Brick family of products.

                  Magnetic Door Switch Magnetic Door Switch, Magnetic Switch, Digital switch, Arduino switch, Seeeduino switch, Freeduino switch
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                    Easily attach to doors with screw holes. Referred article: Window Magnet Contact - (use with Arduino)

                    Grove - Line Finder Grove Line Finder, Arduino line follower, arduino line sensor
                    Price: $4.95 Back Order

                      The Grove Line Finder is designed for line following robots. It consists two parts - an IR emitting LED and an IR sensitive phototransistor. It outputs a digital signal to a microcontroller so the robot can reliably follow a black line on a white background, or vice versa. This Line finder even has an indicator LED and adjustable range. Product Features Grove compatible interface Compact Size 5V DC power supply Indicator LED Digital output Adjustable Range ...

                      2 Pin Dual-Female Jumper Wire - 300mm - 10pcs pack 2 Pin, Dual, Female, Jumper, Wire, 300mm, cable
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                        These 2 Pin Dual-Female Jumper Wire - 300mm - 10pcs pack are perfect for prototyping. Use them to run power from one breadboard rail to another, or use multiples to connect signals from one board to another. Each pack comes with 10 cables and each cable is 300mm long. The .1" pitch is great for standard breadboards.

                        1/2 Inch Piping Flow Switch
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                          This sensor works as a switch, conducts while flow pass though. Specifications Max switch current: 0.5 A Max load current : 1.0 A Max resistance: 100 ohm Max load power: 10 w Max switch voltage: 100 vdc Min damage voltage: 220 vdc Min sensible flow: ≥0.1L/MIN Working flow range: 1-30L/MIN Min sensible pressure: ≥0.1 mpa Min water pressure: 0. 1 mpa Max water pressure: 1.2 mpa Working temperature: 1-80°C Storage temperature: -20-10°C Life: >108 times Response time : 0.2 sec Release time : 0.2...

                          Grove LED Grove LED, arduino LED, seeeduino LED
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                            One green LED. It operates from 5V DC. Perfect for use on Seeeduino digital outputs, or also can be controlled using pulse-width modulation. Each LED has a current-limiting resistor, which protects the LED and the Arduino from high current.

                            Large Bread Board
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                              Ah the bread board, unsung hero of the DIY electronics movement. How many circuits started as a tangle of wires on a breadboard? How many noted professionals got their start wiring on a breadboard? Well now you can keep the tradition alive with the Large Bread Board. The bread board is made up of rows upon rows of holes, waiting to be wired up with circuitry. Each row(terminal strip) is wired together to make it easy for you to wire up circuits. The Large Bread Board also has 4 columns(bus...

                              Medium Bread Board
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                                Sometimes half the board is just as useful! The Medium Bread Board is perfect for prototyping smaller circuits, or for mounting directly onto projects. The bread board is made up of rows upon rows of holes, waiting to be wired up with circuitry. Each row(terminal strip) is wired together to make it easy for you to wire up circuits. The Large Bread Board also has 4 columns(bus strips) wired together, to use to easily connect power to any individual terminal strip. Specifications 60 terminal...

                                Grove Chainable RGB LED Grove Chainable RGB LED, arduino LED, arduino RGB LED
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                                  The Chainable Grove RGB LED is based on P9813 chip which is a full-color LED driver chip that can provide modulated output of 256 levels. The RGB LED is chainable up to 1024 nodes. This is also an extra large LED measuring 8mm in diameter. Documentation Product Wiki Page

                                  Mini Bread Board
                                  Price: $2.95 In Stock

                                    Whether you're using it to prototyping tiny circuits, or daisy-chaining hundreds of them together, the Mini Bread Board is a great tool to have around. With it's tiny form factor, you can keep a couple in your car, your overnight bag, or just about anywhere life might take you. This breadboard also has an adhesive backing. This, combined with it's size, makes it a great last-minute junction for cabling on any project with a due date. Just press thie breadboard on your project, finish your...

                                    Ultra Sonic Range Measurement Module Ultra Sonic Range Measurement Module
                                    Price: $15.00 Back Order

                                      This is a non-contact distance measurement module designed for easy use. Features Detecting range: 3cm-4m Best in 30 degree angle Electronic brick compatible interface 5VDC power supply Breadboard friendly Dual transducer Arduino library ready Product WIKI Page. ...

                                      Seeeduino Mega Seeeduino, V2.2, Atmega 328P, duemilanove, freeduino, arduino, diecimila, mega
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                                        Overview Seeeduino Mega is a microntrolller board based on ATmega1280, derived from Arduino Mega with changes in pursuit for small form factor, flexibility and functionality.It has 70 digital input/output pins (of which 14 can be used as PWM outputs), 16 analog inputs, 4 UARTs (hardware serial ports), a 16 MHz crystal oscillator, a USB connection, a power jack, an ICSP header, and a reset button. It contains everything needed to support the microcontroller; simply connect it to a computer with...

                                        UartSBee V4 (USB-Xbee-TTL Interface) USB, TTL, Xbee, Converter. V4
                                        Price: $20.90 In Stock

                                          UartSBee V4 is a compact USB to serial adapter equipped with an XBEE (20pin 2.0mm) socket for use with the Xbee series of digital wireless modems. With integrated FT232 IC, it can be used for programming or communicating with MCU applications. It is similar to the Xbee Explorer USB in function, but more readily exposes the TTL serial port. Requires a USB A to Mini B cable.This pack comes with a 6pin FTDI cable. Documents Wiki How to use the UartSbee as an FTDI programmer   Features Reset...

                                          Premium Jumper Wires 140 pcs/box
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                                            Keeping the wiring on your breadboard neat and clean is a must for any large scale protyping endeavor. That's where the Premium Jumper Wire Box comes in. Don't waste your precious time cutting and bending wires, just pull out the appropriatley sized one at a momen't notice! This set provides 10 different lengths varying from 3mm-125mm, in a variety of colors.

                                            Electronic Brick - Touch Sensor Electronic Brick, Touch, Sensor, arduino, seeeduino, freeduino
                                            Price: $6.50 In Stock

                                              This is a simple touch sensor brick, it used TTP223 touch detector IC, you can use this brick to replace the traditional physical push button and add some cool elements to your project. This sensor outputs a digital 5v signal and is plug-n-play compatible with the Electronic Brick system. Yes! We can build electronics projects just as easy as piling bricks. The Arduino/Freeduino movement has made programming and physical computing easier than ever. The Electronic Brick system simplifies the...

                                              Electronic Brick Chassis V1.1 Electronic, Brick, Chassis, V1.1, arduino, freeduino, seeeduino
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                                              Price: $5.00 In Stock

                                                Electronic Brick Chassis is a modular 'plug n play' style dedicated Arduino, Seeeduino, and Freeduino interface shield. It breaks out your Duino's available I/O with convenient 3-pin ports and data buses. Plug in a variety of Phidgets & Electronic Brick Sensors, Inputs, Outputs, and Accessories! Yes! We can build electronics projects just as easy as piling bricks. The Arduino/Freeduino movement has made programming and physical computing easier than ever. The Electronic Brick...

                                                Breadboard Jumper Wire - 70pcs pack Breadboard, Jumper, Wire, cable, arduino, freeduino, seeeduino
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                                                  Anyone who has ever worked with a bread board can tell you that the wiring can get very complicated very quickly. Keeping your wires color coded and solidly connected to your board can mean the difference between a sucessful circuit and having to tear everything down ans start from scratch. That's where the Breadboard Jumper Wire Pack comes in. These wires come in an assortment of colors and lengths and are designed for use with breadboards. The insulated wire is stranded, making it extremly...