Item #: IR-D12-6PT-3
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Price: $85.00

    Large sized AC powered linear servo motors have been used widely in various industrial applications. However compact linear servo motors with DC power have had limited applications due to limited force, speed, accuracy and durability - despite high market demand. Say goodbye to limitations with the Mighty Zap 30mm Stroke 12V 6N TTL / PWM Mini Linear Actuator Servo! The Mighty Zap Series from IR Robot outperforms other linear actuators by virtually every metric, making them a fantastic choice for your next project.

    This particular Mighty Zap Mini Linear Actuator:

    • Has a 30mm Stroke
    • Can be powered from a 12V Battery or Power Supply
    • Exerts 6 Newtons of Force
    • Will Accept PWM Signal and have 3-Pin connectors directly compatible with the RobotGeek Sensor Shield, much like RobotGeek Servos, OR can be chained together with other Mighty Zap Linear Actuators via TTL Protocol via a PC-USB Serial Interface

    General Mighty Zap Linear Actuator Features:

    • Position control (positional accuracy 100um)
    • Built-in drive circuit for simplicity
    • High Resolution -4096 step
    • Durable Coreless Motor
    • Minimized mechanical backlash design
    • Good Replacement for Pneumatic cylinder (position control not supported)
    • PWM/TTL/RS-485 compatible

    High Precision:

    • Quadruple accuracy thanks to a 32bit micro controller, high resolution (4096) A/D converter, and high linearity potentiometer
    • Low mechanical back-lash by dedicated gear train and superior return tolerance by a dedicated gear train

    High Durability:

    • High force/highly durable coreless motor applied (for premium lineup)
    • Specialized modular design of case for high tensile strength
    • High strength metal feeding nut
    • Super engineering plastic and metal gears
    • High durability potentiometer

    Ease of Use:

    • Simplification by built-in drive circuit
    • Servo serial connection available (daisy chain)
    • Flexible and convenient installation by rotatable hinge (patent)
    • Dedicated PC software (parameter setting and control test) and PC USB interface (IR-USB01) to be supplied (optional)


    • Wide product range from economical lineup (w/cored motor) to premium lineup (w/ coreless motor)
    • Various force/speed combination from 6N to 100N
    • PWM/TTL (3pin) or PWM/RS-485 (4pin) protocol
    • 7.4V or 12V input voltage