Item #: AF-389
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Price: $4.95

    This little IR remote control would be handy for controlling a robot or other project from across the room. It has 21 buttons and a layout we thought was handy: directional buttons and number entry buttons. The remote uses the NEC encoding type and sends data codes 0 thru 26 (it skips #3, #7, #11, #15, #19 and #23) to address #0. You can use this to control something that is expecting NEC codes or you can pair this with virtually any IR remote receiver sensor. Battery included!

    • Mini remote control with 21 buttons
    • 38KHz NEC code output, 940nm IR LED
    • 40mm x 86mm x 7mm (3.4" x 1.6" x 0.3")
    • Runs on CR2032 battery, included