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    The Metric Nut and Bolt Variety Pack is a must have for your next robot project. Combine the Nut and Bolt pack with the Standoff Variety Pack for a great jump-start on your next creation.


    • 50x M2*6mm Hex Bolts
    • 50x M2*8mm Hex Bolts
    • 25x M2*10mm Hex Bolts
    • 20x M2*12mm Hex Bolts
    • 20x M2*20mm Hex Bolts
    • 50x M3*6mm Hex Bolts
    • 25x M3*8mm Hex Bolts
    • 20x M3*10mm Hex Bolts
    • 20x M3*12mm Hex Bolts
    • 200x M2 Nuts
    • 200x M3 Nuts
    • 100x Flat Washers
    • 1 1.5mm Hex Wrench
    • 1 2mm Hex Wrench
    • 1 2.5mm Hex Wrench