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    • 6th Century BC: One of the earliest known calipers is lost on an Italian coast, to be found centuries later.
    • 1851: Joseph R. Brown invents the modern vernier caliper.
    • Today: You can own the next evolution in calipers, the Digital Caliper

    Whether you're measuring a component to get just the right fit in your project box, or you're trying to replicate a complex widget with your 3D printer, you'll need a trusty set of calipers by your side.

    These calipers even have a data out! This is great for extensive data logging (see below for some demo projects).
    NOTE: We do not have any specific documentation or support for the serial communication protocol for this specific set of calipers. The links below are for informational purposes.

    Technical Specifications:

    • Measuring Range: 0-150mm/0-6"
    • Resolution: .01mm/.0005"
    • Accuracy (<100mm): ±0.02mm/0.001"
    • Accuracy (>100-200mm): ±0.03mm/0.001"
    • Accuracy (>200-300mm): ±0.04mm/0.0015"
    • Repeatability: .01mm/.0005"
    • Maximum Measuring Speed: 1.5m/sec, 60"/sec
    • Measuring System: Linear Capacitive Measuring System
    • Display: LCD Display
    • Power: 1.55v silver oxide battery, SR44
    • Working Temperature: 5°C-40°C / 41°F - 104°F