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Price: $99.95

    What good is a crawling robot if it can't spy or shoot at people? 

    The PhantomX Crawler Turret is a variant of our PhantomX Robot Turret kits, built specifically for mounting to the top of our line of PhantomX Crawler Robots. This provides a pan & tilt assembly which is perfect for mounting cameras, airsoft guns, and of course- lasers!

    Please make a note in the Comments Section during checkout if you would like the Servos ID'ed to work with your configuration (i.e. 1&2 for Stand alone turret use, 13&14 for Quad use, 19&20 for Hex use, etc.).  Otherwise both servos will come in the default ID setting.

    Kit Includes:
    Hexapod Body Plate not included in this kit.