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    Software Features

    Hardware Features

    RedBee RFID Reader

    Introducing the RedBee RFID Reader
    An industry first with wireless functionality at hobby
    level prices this little reader packs a powerful sting!

    - USB and XBee Interface
    - 4 Configurable GPIO Pins
    - 3 Power Inputs Options
    - Run teathered to a PC or program for independant operation
    - Create reader networks with Shared Serial Devices Protocol (SSDP)

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    RedBee Communication Interface

    The RedBee RFID reader has a direct USB and wireless XBee serial interfaces, selected via jumpers.

    RedBee USB and Wireless Xbee interface

    The USB interface simply connects to a host computer using a USB A to Mini-B cable (included with the RedBee RFID Reader).

    The XBee wireless serial interface communicates with another XBee module connected to the host computer via a USB Xbee carrier board.

    NOTICE: The RedBee does not come with Xbee. The Xbee Modules must be purchased seperately.

    RedBee Networked Mode

    The XBee wireless interface is very powerful in that a single host computer can communicate with one or more RedBee readers, simultaneously, using the Networked BPAN mode.

    Communicate with multiple RedBee RFID readers simultaneously with XBee, or a single reader via USB

    This requires some basic XBee configuration of the RedBee RFID reader and XBee modules, but is very easy to do. Setup will take a matter of minutes. A configuration How-To of the RFID readers to communicate in a Networked BPAN scenario is available below.

    RedBee Reading Range

    The RedBee RFID Reader has an excellent range of 4 ½”, however, this can vary depending on the RFID tag packaging, input voltage, and orientation of the tag when swiped.

    Internal Valid Tag List

    The RedBee RFID reader can store up to 48 tags in an internal valid tags list. Tags can be saved/deleted to/from the list either via serial commands, or by toggling the SAVE and/or DEL pins on the reader.

    Store up to 48 Valid RFID tags internally

    Autopulse Functionality

    In response to a tag swipe, the RedBee RFID reader can respond by automatically pulsing one of the four OUT pins. This ‘autopulse’ functionality allows you to connect up to four relays (for example) to the OUT pins, to activate door locks or other peripherals when a valid tag is swiped. [Independently configure Autopulse parameters for all 4 GPIO lines] Setting the direction, duration, and enabling of each autopulse pin is fully configurable via serial commands.

    Asynchronous Serial Event Notification Packets

    The RedBee RFID reader transmits out serial event packets in response to various events, containing data specific to that event and RFID tag id. This allows the host application can decide on the appropriate action to take (e.g. grant access for the tag id swiped), and send a command down to toggle one of the outputs (e.g. to unlock a door).

    Asynchronous packets are sent out for the following events:
    • Tag Swipe
    • Tag Delete (via the DEL pin on the reader
    • Tag Save (via the SAVE pin on the reader)
    • Pin changes (via the OUTx pins on the reader)
    • RF Power Enable/Disable (via the RFP pin on the reader)
    This is useful to keep the configuration on the board coherent with host applications that are also communicating with the reader.
    • Support all EM41xx family 125 kHz RFID tags including cards, buttons, capsules, disks, key fobs, and others
    • Power LED
    • Valid/Invalid Tag LED
    • Xbee Comm LED
    • 3 Power Inputs Options (jumper selectable 2.5mm x 5.5mm Barrel Connector, USB, or Vcc inputs. Onboard input voltage regulator for Barrel connector(12V max)
    • USB and XBee Interface (jumper selectable)
    • Serial Communication Protocol and Shared Serial Devices Protocol (SSDP)
    • 4.5" tag reading range (tag geometry also affects reading distance)
    • 4 Configurable GPIO Pins
    • 4 GPIO pins support Autopulse functionality (configurable direction and duration)
    • Supports Xbee and Xbee Pro modules
    • Supports Communicating withe multiple RFID readers using one computer (requires USB XBee Carrier board)
    Redbee RFID Reader Pinout

    [Click to Enlarge]

    Redbee RFID Reader Pinout

    User and How To Guides for the RedBee RFID Reader:

    Redbee RFID Reader Guide
    Redbee RFID Reader Documentation
    Redbee RFID Reader Documentation
    Redbee RFID Reader Documentation
    Redbee RFID Reader Documentation
    Redbee RFID Reader Documentation
    Digi X-CTU Application Download (for configuring Xbee module settings)

    RedBee RFID Reader .NET Library Downloads:

    RedBee RFID Reader Quick Start .NET Applications - ReadyToRun

    NOTE: Make sure you have the latest RedBee RFID .NET Library installed.

    RedBee RFID Reader Tag Swiper Example Application

    This application allows you to test the the most commonly used functionality of the RedBee RFID Reader.


    app thumbnail

    SSDP Device Test Application

    (Shared Serial Device Protocol)

    This application allows you to see what RedBee RFID reader devices are talking on the XBee Broadcast Personal Area Network (BPAN) using SSDP. It also displays asynchronous RFID readers event information flowing across the BPAN.


    RedBee dimensions
    Special Thanks:

    We would like to thank RFID enthusiast Amal Graafstra for his contributions to the development of this reader. His beta testing and valuable input helped make this product the best it could be! Thanks Amal!

    * Amal Graafstra's RFID website
    DC Characteristics:
    Symbol Description Min Typ† Max Units Conditions
    VDD Supply Voltage (Barrel Connector) 5.5 9.6 12.0 V 2.5mm x 5.5mm Barrel Connector
    VCC Supply Voltage (Vcc pin) 5.0 5.0 5.0 V Must be regulated 5V to Vcc pins
    IDD Supply Current --- 250 250 mA

    Absolute Maximum Ratings †

    Ambient temperature under bias: -55°C to +125°C
    Storage temperature: -65°C to +150°C
    Voltage on any pin with respect to VSS: -0.3V to (VDD + 0.3V)
    Voltage on VDD with respect to VSS: -0.3 to +5.5V
    Total power dissipation on digital I/O pins: 1.0W
    Maximum current out of VSS pin: 300 mA
    Maximum current into VDD pin: 250 mA
    Input clamp current, IIK (VI < 0 or="" VI="" > VDD): 20 mA
    Output clamp current, IOK (VO < 0 or="" VO="" > VDD): 20 mA
    Maximum output current sunk by any I/O: 25 mA
    Maximum output current sourced by any I/O pin: 25 mA

    † NOTICE: Stresses above those listed under "Absolute Maximum Ratings" may cause permanent damage to the device. This is a stress rating only and functional operation of the device at those or any other conditions above those indicated in the operation listings of this specification is not implied. Exposure to maximum rating conditions for extended periods may affect device reliability.

    Looking for a power supply? You can find the matching power supply with 2.1mm jack here.

    Looking for an enclosure? The RedBee Wall Plate works great!

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