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    We searched high and low to find an affordable yet high quality DC motor for robotics, and a solid start to our Robot Motors section. After a lot of trial and error, testing dozens of motors, we have found what we believe to be a solid choice for small-medium sized robots weighing 2-5 lbs. The RPM make them an ideal choice for 3-4" wheels, and with an integrated encoder you can calculate odometry data to make your robots navigate the real world.

    This motor includes a 6-pin 2.0mm pitch PH JST cable that breaks out motor inputs and the associated encoder I/O.

    Product Specifications
    Characteristic Value
    Operating Voltage 6-8.4v
    Gear Ratio 40:1
    Rated Load Speed 163 RPM +/- 10%
    No Load Speed 212 RPM +/- 10%
    No Load Current <400mA
    Rated Current 3A
    Stall Current 6A
    Encoder type Hall Effect Quadrature
    Encoder PPR 13 PPR
    Encoder Output Resolution 520 ticks/revolution
    Encoder Voltage 5v
    Shaft Diameter 6mm