Item #: C-400-RXBridge
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Price: $39.95

    The ArbotiX RX-Bridge expands the capabilities of the ArbotiX Robotcontroller by enabling the use of DX-117, RX-28, RX-64, and EX-106+ Dynamixel Servos. This add-on board converts your existing ArbotiX Robocontroller TTL serial port into an RS-485 serial protocol.

    The RX-Bridge answers the call for a high end, fully programmable controller for the higher end range of Dynamixels at a much lower pricepoint than other less-capable controllers on the market.

    For full information and product manual, check the manufacturer's page.

    ArbotiX RX-Bridge Specifications

    • Plugs right into the ArbotiX Robocontroller, installs in seconds.
    • Full 1mbps RS-485 communication
    • 2 4-pin RS-485 style ports onboard, plug your Dynamixels directly in!
    • Separate power terminals
    • Includes standoff for mounting to ArbotiX


    Enabling use of DX/RX/EX series servos in the existing ArbotiX software is extremely simple; just a single line of code needs to be added to your program. Your existing AX-12 based project can easily be scaled up to using the more powerful higher end Dynamixels, with few if any modifications needing to be made.

    BioloidController - this is a Bioloid bus library for use with the Arduino/Sanguino environment. It allows easy manipulation of poses, the storage of poses in FLASH, and full interaction with AX-12 servos.
    PyPose - this is the stock pose & capture software. Written in Python, uses pySerial to communicate with an arbotiX board running the pypose sketch. After you have done pose and capture, PyPose can automatically create a C header file with the poses ready to load with the Bioloid Library.
    Other Libraries - there are several other, smaller, libraries that have been made to make using the arbotiX extremely easy.

    See more on using the arbotiX software