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    We held no punches in flexing our supreme engineering capabilities when designing this puppy. Seriously, look at it, it's marvelous. Flawless even. Unadulterated engineering prowess. Some might even call it a work of art.

    Okay, who are we kidding? It's a plastic square with some mounting holes and additional hardware. What is cool however, is that it allows you to mount an Arbotix Robocontroller to your Turtlebot or various Arbotix-needing project.

    It's reversible so you can tuck your Arbotix underneath it for protection, or let it all hang out and wear your Arbotix proudly up top. It comes with bolts and standoffs for mounting it. It does not come with instructions, because No.

    Mounting holes are on a 3 inch square pattern which just so happens to line up with the Turtlebot mounting hole patterns.