Item #: MG-A000009
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Price: $11.95

    What we have here is a (flame retardant) Arduino Project Box that allows you to safely enclose your Arduino + Shield projects and then set them on fire. Just kidding, please don't. But seriously! Rob your Arduino projects of their nudist free spirit attitudes and put some clothes on them, dang hippies.

    This enclosure can fit pretty much all Arduino and Arduino Mega models, as well as a majority of shields. It has specifically designed removable ports for use with the Arduino Ethernet shield. We assume that due to the ribbon cable connectors found on the Electronic Brick Chassis, it will not be compatible unless you'd like to do some work with a hacksaw. But hey, that's what the DIY Arduino movement is all about! No 'fancy' screws needed, the box simply snaps shut and can easily be opened again. There's also a rear compartment emergency hatch (I just named it that) for access to switches, wiring, batteries, etc.

    Please note: No electronics are included with this Project Box. The Arduino shown in the pictures is very special to us and not for sale. Please do not write or call us complaining that your Project Box did not come with electronics or we will be forced to mock you. We might even call you a newb. Thanks!