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    The Budget Bot chassis is completely open-source and constructed of 1/8” ABS which can be easily drilled, cut, glued, filed, dremeled or sanded.  ABS is a great material due to its ease to work on.  Add your own controllers, h-bridge, sensors, cameras, batteries, arms, lasers, flame throwers, or titanium armor. 

    As basic as a good chassis gets! Gear motors, encoders, cables, power switch harness, and wheels - the bare minimum necessary to get up and running.  This kit is designed to be simple and generic for builders that just need a basic chassis to build on.

    Please note: This kit does not include Snap Ring Pliers, which are required for easy installation of your wheel hubs. These can be substituted using needle nose pliers, but it is more difficult to install using this method.


    • Powerful Robot DC Gearhead Motors
    • High Resolution Quadrature Encoders
    • Rugged Rubber Wheels and Hubs
    • Solid ABS Construction
    • Multiple Arduino Mounting Holes
    • Sharp IR Distance Sensor Mounting Holes
    • Lots of Room to Mount Components
    • Battery Velcro Straps and Harness Included
    • Extra Metric Mounting Hardware

    Packaged Contents

    • Speed - 0.7 ft/sec
    • Payload - 5+ lbs
    • Height - 3 7/8in
    • Weight - 2.1 lbs