Item #: KIT-M-300-B-MX106-DUALJOINT
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    This double MX-106T robot joint is an advanced robotic joint kit using a pair of linked MX-106T Dynamixel from Robotis. This Joint Kit outputs double the torque of the already massively powerful MX-106T servo. The MX-106T has a specific link cable (included) that pairs the servos so that they function as a single, ultra-powerful servo. It is perfectly suited for a variety of robot applications; various large scale humanoid robot joints, research level table-top robot arms, or any situation where extreme amounts of torque and high precision are required.

    *Double Actuator Robot Joint
    *2800+ oz-in Torque Robotic Actuator
    *Ball Bearing Axis
    *Standardized Mounting Pattern
    *High Quality 5052/6061 Aircraft Aluminum Alloy Frame
    *Full Feedback Capabilities; Position, Load, Temperature, Voltage

    Included in the kit:

    * [2x] Dynamixel MX-106T Robot Actuator
    * [1x] Frame OF-106HD Set
    * [1x] Frame OF-106D
    Strength & Speed Chart of the Dynamixel Family